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What is the name of the new Charter Elementary School?

Gulf Coast Elementary School (GCES)

What is the location of the new Charter Elementary School "Gulf Coast Elementary School"?

The location is the same building currently being currently used by Gulf Coast Academy of Science & Technology to hold it's daily classes. 

The address is 10444 Tillery Road, Spring Hill, Florida 34608.

What makes this school's educational program innovative, special and unique?

By design, the school offers a small, family oriented, caring environment with an educational program that encourages interest in the STEAM subjects. Students receive weekly scheduled access to our "Makerspace" where they can build, design, code, and create projects while completing quarterly challenges. This elementary school incorporates an Extended School Day for enrichment, academic support and skills remediation. Our Reading Program takes center stage embracing the new B.E.S.T. Standards that include novels and traditional literature in addition to vocabulary cursive writing and mastery of the English language. Our science program teaches concepts by demonstration, observation and investigation and our Social Studies program strives to make the geography and culture of the world a part of daily discussion. Mathematics instruction addresses the new B.E.S.T. standards providing benchmark goals and examples of real-world applications. GCES offers expanded learning opportunities through the Experiential Activity Program (EAP) where each grade level participates in an age-appropriate monthly activity with their class. In essence GCES offers a program where Technology, Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Art Collide! 

What is the school opening date?

Gulf Coast Elementary School will follow the same school calendar as the Hernando County School District.

Which grade levels are offered for the school's first year of operation?

GCES offers positions in the third, fourth, and fifth grade for the 2020 - 2021 school year.

Will this school limit class sizes?

Yes, class sizes are limited to eighteen (18) students in the third (3rd) grade and twenty-two (22) students in the fourth and fifth grades.

What will happen if you have more applicants than available positions for a particular grade level?

If we receive more applications than we have positions available, we will conduct a random lottery to determine who is invited to enroll and who is placed on the numbered waiting list. Historically it has been easier to enter our charter schools when they first open.

Does this school have a volunteer requirement like Gulf Coast Academy of Science & Technology?

Yes, there is a family volunteer requirement to attend this school of forty (40) hours per academic year, based on a minimum contribution of 10 hours per academic quarter. Please contact the Parent Liason should a hardship circumstance occur that would prevent you from meeting your contractual obligation for family volunteerism. 

Is this school affiliated with Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology?

Yes, this school has the same Governing Board and the same Directors as GCA; but has its own principal and teaching staff.

Does this school offer sibling preference for younger siblings?

Yes, this school offers sibling preference as allowed under the Florida charter school law.

What about Transportation, will you have a bus route?

We will be working cooperatively with the school district to provide transportation solutions. Parents can still drive their children to/from school using the established drop-off and pick-up procedures already in place at the GCA middle school.

Does this school offer any events that are purely social in nature?

Yes, GCES offers a variety of events to foster social development including "Ice Cream Socials"; "Skate Nights"; "Star Wars Movie Nights" and more.

Does the school require a uniform?

Yes, we will adopt the uniform policy of the Hernando County School District currently in place for their magnet elementary school programs.

Is a charter school a public school or a private school?

Charter schools are public schools that do not charge tuition to attend, however charter schools do charge fees that are commensurate with county public schools.

How can I submit an application for my child to attend this charter school in August of 2020?

Please visit the enrollment section of our website and follow the enrollment link for more information on this topic.

Will fifth graders, upon satisfactory completion of their fifth grade year, automatically move from this elementary school to Gulf Coast Academy of Science & Technology charter middle school?

All graduating fifth graders will be given an opportunity to apply to attend Gulf Coast Academy of Science & Technology charter middle school.

Does GCES participate in state testing?

Yes, all GCES students are required to participate in the state's standardized testing. Currently this testing is referred to as the "FSA" or Florida Standards Assessment.

Does GCES employ State certified teachers?

Yes, all teachers are required to be "highly qualified" and hold a teaching certificate in their area of expertise that corresponds with their teaching assignment.

Do families with students already in attendance at Gulf Coast Academy of Science & Technology receive enrollment preference?

No, unfortunately we do not have the legal authority to offer preference when an older sibling attends the GCA charter middle school. 

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